What happens during a session?

Intake: Before a session takes place, there will be an extensive intake conversation. Your personal and medical history will be discussed as well as the request for help.

The actual treatment is separate from the intake conversation, so a well informed decision can be made.

When you and the practitioner both have the feeling IPT will be beneficial, an actual appointment is made for the treatment.


Safety first

The treatment itself can take up to 2 hours. For your safety it is important that you can be fully “present” in your body during the whole session. Being present in the body means that during the treatment you are able to stay in contact with your body and the practitioner. Under skillful and careful guidance by your practitioner you are encouraged to stay in contact with your body, fully experiencing any feelings, memories and/or emotions that may arise at that moment. The practitioner will provide a safe space in which you will be allowed and encouraged to feel all that needs to be felt, expressed and experienced.

Depending on the request for help the practitioner can work externally and/or internally on/in the pelvis. In order to ensure safety for both you and the practitioner during this delicate work the practitioner will ask for and emphasise embodied consent in every step of the way.

Embodied Consent: Embodied consent means that you, as a client feel a full “yes” in your head, your heart and your body. So often in our lives we have “allowed” touch or physical handling that was not 100% within our consent. During an IPT session you will experience time after time what it is like to actually be “in control” of what is happening to you. This alone can be a very empowering experience.


-Healing starts when feeling safe!-