You think physical health is essential. This urgency is one of the reasons you became a physiotherapist or another kind of physical therapist. You help people to improve their pelvic floor function by exercises and lifestyle modifications. Their pelvic tissue softens thanks to your massage. 

Besides that, you know that emotions or stress can have an impact on people’s health. Sometimes people cry during your treatment, not out of pain but because you trigger something with your touch. Often you feel that the pelvic floor can be stiff, because of restrained emotions, but you may not feel comfortable or fully equipped to access and work on these strong feelings. IPT can help you combine these different sides of treatment. You’ll still work on the fascia, muscles and trigger points, but you’ll be able also to address the emotional, energetic and spiritual layers of a woman’s pelvis (and later on may be even of men’s pelvisses as well). With this integral approach, both man and women often report the feeling as if they shine from the inside and to have more energy and vitality!