If you are a midwife, you care about (pregnant) women. You want them to have an enjoyable pregnancy. You want them to be healthy and happy. You want their babies to have the best possible start. During your midwife study, you learned everything about the medical parts of pregnancy, so you know how to prevent diseases and unnecessary risks. You learned quite a bit about the mental state of pregnant women, so you are alert to mood swings and changes. You learned a bit about trauma and what this can do to a body.

But you haven’t learned how to connect these parts. You have not learned how to guide a woman to be the best, most vibrant, healthy and relaxed version of herself. You know it’s essential, but you lack the skills to dive deeply into the emotional and spiritual layers. 

And besides the lack of skills, you don’t have enough time. You only do if the entire pregnancy goes according to plan. But if a woman needs more time, because there is something wrong on any level, it messes with your consultation hours.

This is why midwives choose to add IPT to their activities in their practice. To take the time for their clients so they can guide them.