When can Integral Pelvic Therapy® help?

The pelvis is a beautiful, unique and mysterious place. It is the place we all originate from, the place that bears life, creations, ideas. And it is a place where we can deeply ground into ourselves and our inner confidence.

Unfortunately, a lot of us have stored feelings of shame, fear in their pelvic area. When things “down there” aren’t functioning the way you’d like, it can feel uncomfortable to bring this up. During dinner or tea with friends, most of us would rather share about headaches a sore back than about an erectile dysfunction, painful vagina, unwanted urine loss, or lack of sex-drive. Besides, even if we do open up about this; it’s not always easy to find the right professional help.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like that. There is a way you can live free from discomfort, in full contact with your body, whilst setting healthy boundaries as well as fully enjoying your sexuality, with the ability to express your full potential.

However you identify; be it as a man, woman, transgender, gender-fluid, gay, lesbian or anything else, please know that if you have a pelvis and you suffer from any of the issues below then Integral Pelvic Therapy® could provide you with help and release in the pelvic area.

Integral pelvic therapy bekkenbodem bekkenklachten

Integral Pelvic Therapy® can help when you suffer from:

Pain during sex

Lack of sexual drive

Unexplained pain in the pelvic area

Unexplained (lower) back complaints or tailbone pain

Incontinence or unintended urine loss

Trauma due to sexual abuse

Erectile issues

Pain in the penis or scrotum

Prostate problems

Painful tissue or scar tissues after operations in the pelvic area (e.g. vasectomy, Caesarean)

Heavy menstrual pain

Uterus / bladder prolapse

Chronic inflammations of the vulva



Fertility problems

Integral Pelvic Therapy® helps restore the natural balance in your pelvis.

Integral Pelvic Therapy® has helped many people to reconnect with their pelvis.

Women suffering from vaginismus that are now able to enjoy sex without pain or discomfort. People feeling more grounded and centred; experiencing a sense of “homecoming” and feeling more in touch with their core.

Men report feeling stronger, and more in touch with their true longings and wishes. They experience a newfound ability to set goals and express healthy boundaries.

And for those having undergone a sex-changing operation it can be quite a challenge to get to know and enjoy your new anatomy. IPT can help in releasing the tension caused by the scars, helping you to get emotionally and physically more connected to your new pelvis. It can certainly be a very helpful tool in learning to embrace the new you.

Hearing all these positive reports fills our hearts with joy, and it is our wish that everyone can have and enjoy a healthy pelvis.


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