Why this training?

There is a gap in our healthcare system in providing adequate help for pelvic problems. We believe that IPT® can play a key role in closing this gap. IPT is not yet very well known. But, what we have found so in the development of this treatment, is that it is super effective!

We have followed numerous training courses on all scopes of the personal development, ranging from full blown studies to personal development courses and hands-on trainings. We search the globe, received teachings here and there and had to into dig a lot of literature to gain knowledge. It would have been so nice to find a thorough education and to not have to figure everything out! Hence the idea to develop a training for doctors / obstetricians / body workers / birth assistants and midwives.

In 2018 we started a test-round to learn “on the go” This test-round was a big success and taught us a lot! 15 strong women completed the training and are now practising as IPT Practitioners. In 2019 we learned that there is also a demand for IPT by men for men and by men for women. We have started to treat men and have seen the beneficial effects that IPT can have. This year for the first time we will be starting a mixed group.

If you like the idea of a mixed group to study in; don’t miss the chance to join us in April 2022!

So please feel welcome to embark on this wonderful and powerful journey to become an Integral Pelvic Therapy Practitioner.

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