We proudly announce the schedule for the Women’s Course of 2022, teaching women to provide IPT sessions to female clients. Most of the planned dates will take place at weekends. Some of the dates (in January and June) are scheduled on subsequent Mondays and Tuesdays. 

The course days will last approximately from 10 AM to 10 PM, except the last day of each module. Those days we try to be ready at 6 PM.

In addition to our IPT Practitioner training for Women, as of 2022 we will offer a brand new IPT Practitioner training for mixed groups of Men and Women too! This is where we teach a mixed group of both male and female practitioners to provide IPT sessions to female clients. Registration is open now.

Schedule initial IPT Practitioner training 2022 for WOMEN

January15-16-17-18Module 1+2
February12-13Module 3
March12-13Module 4
April9-10Module 5
May14-15Module 6
June11-12-13-14Module 7+8
July9-10Module 9
September3-4Module 10
September24-25Module 11
October8-9Module 12 (exam)

Schedule initial IPT Practitioner training 2022 for MEN and WOMEN (mixed group)

April21-22-23-24Module 1+2
May23-24Module 3
June23-24Module 4
August22-23Module 5
September12-13Module 6
October17-18-19-20Module 7+8
November7-8Module 9
November28-29Module 10
December19-20Module 11
January / February ’2330-31 / 1Module 12 (exam)

Schedule additional training IPT on male pelvis for IPT Practitioners only (2023)

February ’2327-28Module 1
March ’2327-28Module 2

You can find more information about the study load and the curriculum here