Integral Pelvic Therapy offers a holistic approach to women’s health. We connect the medical with the emotional, energetic, and spiritual world. It is our mission to ensure pelvic health for every woman in a safe and accessible way. Our passion is to make intimate women’s work professional. 

In 2019 the Integral Pelvic Therapy Association was founded to create a platform for Integral Pelvic Therapy Practitioners and their clients. Members of the IPTA work with protocols according to high standards, which guarantees safety for patients and measures that guarantee quality.

As a member of the IPTA, you must comply with the act WKKGZ, according to Dutch law. By joining the IPTA, all members can become a member of NIBIG, which provides a complaints and disputes committee. Also, joining offers the possibility of taking professional liability insurance, which is unique within Europe.

statuten Integral Pelvic Therapy Association

When you have completed the training, you also become a member of the IPTA. We would love to add you to our Practitioner’s Page, like the women who already are proud practitioners and have written something about themselves and their practices.