Learning how to provide IPT sessions to women

The investment for the IPT Practitioner training 2022 (10 months) is 6500€*


  • Freshly cooked organic meals (both lunch and dinner on late days, lunch on early days)
  • Comprehensive syllabus with protocols
  • Everything you need to perform a treatment, e.g. gloves, organic oil, etc.
  • And, of course, an incredible experience. The training is a unique way to develop yourself, both in a personal and professional manner.

After this training, you can immediately start your own practice.

Learning how to provide IPT sessions to men

The investment for the additional training (4 days), to learn how to provide IPT sessions to men, is 1500€*. This training is for Certified IPT Practitioners only.

Combining both IPT courses

When you decide to take part in both the initial IPT Practitioner training and the additional Certified IPT Practitioners only training (to work with men), prior to the start of your initial training, we offer a discount of 250€. Resulting in total investment of 7500€* to be paid for before the start of the initial training.

To make sure your registration is final, all training fees stated above need to be paid prior to the start of the training .