Why this training?

There is a gap in healthcare providers in providing help to women with women-related problems. We believe that IPT® can play a key role in closing this gap. It is a form of therapy that is not yet very well known. But, what we found out in the development of this treatment, it is super effective!

We have followed training courses here and there and had to dig a lot in the literature to gain knowledge. It would have been so nice to find a thorough education to not have to figure everything out! Hence the idea to develop a training for doctors / obstetricians / body workers / birth assistants.

In 2018 we have started a test-round to learn what works and what not, where we need to adjust and what is already good. The test-round was a big success and has learned us a lot! Seven strong women have completed the training and can now call them themselves IPT Practitioner.

In 2019 we will start with the official training to become an Integral Pelvic Care Practitioner.

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