Being pregnant can be a wonderful, delicate and emotionally rich experience. The body changes enormously in preparation for your child to grow and to get prepared to enter the outside world. Pregnancy can be experienced as intense due to all the hormonal changes and the feelings and emotions that come with this amazing journey. The thought of giving birth might evoke feelings of joy or fear. All in all it can be a challenging as well as a wonderful time.

Having a soft, open and relaxed pelvic floor will help you with the capacity to stay in full contact with your body and the baby during this magical time. To be able to stay in contact with your body and especially the pelvic area will also provide a big advantage in giving birth.

Triggers, fears, insecurities and traumas that are locked in the body can get released during the process of giving birth. These held in strong emotions and traumas can be very overwhelming and can interfere in the birthing process, leading to inappropriate contractions and the experience of intense pain. IPT creates the opportunity to feel, investigate, express and release these emotions in a safe way either during pregnancy or even during birth itself. 

When emotions come to the surface in a session, it is important to be able to express them in a safe and supported way. Once an emotion or feeling has been expressed and allowed to move through the body, relaxation will occur, allowing the affected area to return to its natural healthy state. Both the partner and the bellybaby are invited to take part in this process with the IPT practitioner holding space and guiding the process of expression and release. In this way, stored emotions will no longer be a hindrance during contractions. Due to the treatment, you can now be fully present and in full contact with your body with an open, soft and vibrant pelvis, helping you and the baby to descend and make the passage more easily.


Perineum massage

Perineum massage is a method that is proven effective to prevent ruptures during childbirth. IPT combines the perineum massage with a present touch and works with an embodied consent in a very slow pace. Women that received our way of perineum massage, had no severe ruptures or need for sutures. The IPT Practitioner is trained to give this perineum massage. It is also possible for you and/or your partner to be taught to do it yourself, as a preparation for childbirth.


Waves of Bliss

Cervical dilation seems to occur more easily in women who have received one or more IPT treatments during their pregnancy. Some of them are even able to experience pleasure instead of pain during contractions. This concept of orgasmic birth is yet unknown or understood.

Contractions can be felt as painful and frightening waves and can be extremely overwhelming. They can be so intense that at times it is easier to “leave” the body in order to escape the pain, leading to a separation between bodily sensations and the mind. The whole body starts to contract and shiver in pain and discomfort. Often, the fight/ flight/ fright response kicks in and the birth itself stagnates. Nowadays, an immense amount of women are in need for something to suppress the pain. There are hospitals where 80% of women receive some form of pain relief!

However, if during labour you are skillfully guided and allowed to tune into yourself without interruptions or interventions, the body is capable of producing huge amounts of natural pain killers.

With an orgasmic birth, the waves of contractions  will be experienced as waves of bliss instead of pain. There is no separation between body and mind. The waves of bliss create a peaceful and total body sensation, expanding into pleasure and/or increasing sexual energy. The hormones oxytocin and endorphin run freely in the body, creating even more contractions and more waves of pleasure. It would be ideal to be able to give birth in a warm, relaxed, cosy, clean and safe environment; the same kind of environment where it would be inviting to have sex.

IPT gives the birthing mother a sense of empowerment, relaxation and trust in her body. It teaches her how to surrender in the contractions instead of fighting them. It shifts the perception of pain into the possibility of pleasure and sometimes even orgasm; a birthgasm.


Scar Tissue

A lot of women suffer from pain in their pelvis, as a result from scar tissue due to a rupture and/or episiotomy after childbirth. Relatively unknown is the fact that these scar tissues can be massaged and stretched in an IPT session, leading to a decrease in pain symptoms, especially combined with the use of hot packs and herbal therapy.


Traumatic Birth

For some women, giving birth can be a rather traumatic experience. Research has shown the importance of the way of communication during the process of giving birth. It is important that both parents feel they are in an autonomous and equal position with their health care professionals. Usually, it is not the traumatic event itself, but the way of communication and option of choice (or lack thereof) that determines whether or not an experience turns into trauma.

One of the pillars of IPT, is the fact that we work with an embodied consent. By carefully applying this, an IPT session gives a bodily imprint on a deep level, that there is always a choice, a chance to say a fully felt “Yes” or “No”. As a result you can experience a renewed feeling of a strong capacity of setting and expressing healthy boundaries, leaving you feeling empowered. This healthy capacity for setting boundaries can also help prevent the experience of a traumatic births in future.

If there already has been a traumatic experience within the process of childbirth, IPT can help to release the trauma and re-imprint the story in a positive way. This is a very deep and healing experience, due to the combination of bodywork and emotional release.



To ensure optimum safety for you and your child, only IPT Practitioners that are also midwives or obstetricians are allowed to work with pregnant women. Luckily the number of these IPT Practitioners is growing and with our accreditation by the KNOV we hope to soon see many more midwives in this field. Before or after birth you are in good hands with all our IPT practitioners. 



Please be aware that no medical research has been done on these subjects. All our information is based on  our personal experience after having treated hundreds of women.