We have several requirements for the students wishing to apply for our course to become an Integral Pelvic Therapist:

  • You have basic medical and psycho-social knowledge. If this is not the case, you are willing to educate yourself in this area within two years of completing the training
  • You have an affinity with / feel drawn to working with the pelvis
  • You have an HBO working and thinking level 
  • You received an IPT treatment from one of the current IPT practitioners *
  • You had an interview by Daphne or Mariëtte about your personality and skills ** 

* We will not inquire about the treatment or your process. This is purely for you to fully experience an IPT session. If you live abroad and undergoing treatment yourself is difficult to arrange, please let us know. 

** We must feel that this work suits you as a person. Everyone can learn a technique. However, not everyone is capable of performing this delicate but beautiful work.