Integral Pelvic Therapy®

A complementary healing modality for pelvic health, for women and men.

Integral Pelvic Therapy® (or IPT® in short) is a complementary and holistic bodywork technique developed for pelvic complaints in women and men. IPT aims to restore the balance in the area of the pelvis, allowing full flow to the natural healing capacity of the body.

It is our mission to ensure pelvic health for every man and woman in a safe and accessible way.

Integral Pelvic Therapy® is suitable for every person with pelvic related issues such as: pain during sex, emotional or physical pain in the pelvic area, erectile dysfunction, painful menstruation, fertility problem, incontinence, numbness or pain in the pelvis after gender altering operation.

As we believe in a holistic approach, Integral Pelvic Therapy® works on different layers: the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual layers.

Integral Pelvic Therapy can help when you suffer from:

Pain during sex

Lack of sexual drive

Unexplained pain in the pelvic area

Unexplained (lower) back complaints or tailbone pain

Incontinence or unintended urine loss

Erectile issues

Pain in the penis or scrotum

Prostate problems

Painful tissue or scar tissues after operations in the pelvic area (e.g. vasectomy, Caesarean)

Trauma in the pelvic region, including obstetric violence and traumatic birth experiences

Heavy menstrual pain

Uterus / bladder prolapse

Chronic inflammations of the vulva



Fertility problems


"Integral Pelvic Therapy has brought me a whole new experience: feeling 100% safe. "

I had never been able to make love without pain. There was always a painful ‘edge’. After the sessions this was gone! Even my boyfriend said it felt different and we finally had a great time together, without pain.

I found the sessions really special, I could feel into what I wanted at any time. It touched me enormously that at the start it was so specifically mentioned that the session was for me. And while I can sense my ‘no’ pretty well by now, also experiencing a real ‘yes’ in my body was a revelation to me. Being allowed to change my mind was a real eye opener. As well. 

 The language used during the sessions helped me a lot, and it touched me enormously that at the start it was so specifically mentioned that the session was for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the safety, the presence, the empathy and the humor.

"The session has brought me a much deeper contact with my own body"

Finally it has really become part of me, a place I can bring my attention to. It has amazed me how much wisdom my pelvic area holds and the power of healing it harbors.

On the table I experienced the touches as gentle and fully at the service of my body to see what it really needed. Both the confidence in and gratitude for my femininity, sensuality and sexuality have increased through the Integral Pelvic Therapy sessions.


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